These Are The Cutest Labrador Puppy Pictures! The Most Adorable And Cute Labrador Puppy Pics

These are definitely THE most adorable and cutest pictures of labrador puppies. Try not to say “ohhhhhhhhhh” when going through this list of cute labrador pictures.

What’s your favorite cute labrador puppy pic? Comment below …

1. Awwwwww – cute lab puppies sleeping and cuddling together!

cute lab puppies cuddling

2. Very young, but ever so adorable baby puppies …

cute labrador retriever puppies

3. Blonde, brown and black brother and sister cute labrador puppies – I want one 🙂

cute lab puppy pictures

4. Cutest lab puppy picture ever!

cute labrador puppy pictures
Source: Animal Planet

5. Labrador puppies might be cute, but look at the mischievous look!

adorable labrador puppy pics

6. What’s this cute labrador puppy doing?


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