The 7 Most Sexiest Mind-Blowing Ads Ever

Sex sells! We all know it and many companies use it to influence our buying decisions everyday. These companies might have taken it a little too far though (not that we’re complaining LOL)


Our favourite ad in the list- notice we didn’t make you wait until you scrolled down 🙂

Our assistant is out getting a Ché magazine while we write this … so this ad works!

Ché sex ad


Not a car in sight in this ad – they are clearly relying on the old adage: “sex sells”.

BMW sex ad

American Apparel

Very risque ad – sure to catch everyone’s attention! Are they selling socks? We have no clue.

American Apparel sex ad

Tom Ford

Sexy ad? Sure. Slightly sexist ad? I’m sure women will say YES! Good thing they target the male market as this ad is sure to piss off many women.

Tom Ford sex ad

Dolce & Gabbana

Maybe a little too much? Four guys and a struggling woman on the floor – not sure what the message is here?

Well we’ve come to expect risque from D&G …

Dolce & Gabbana sex ad

Hunky Dorys

Not sure this woman is stuffing her face with crisps by the looks of her? Maybe they should have picked a huge woman running around HA!

Hunky Dorys sex ad

Burger King

OMG! Screw McDonalds – we’re getting our lunch from Burger King from now on.

But seriously, does this stuff work on anyone!?

burger king sex ad

(Images via TheRichest)


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