Surprising Celebrities That Suffer From Acne

A large number of people suffer from acne at some point in their life, and celebrities are no exceptions. Here’s some of the most surprising celebrities who have had a life-long battle¬†with acne.

Covering up a pimple when you have a team of professional make-up artists isn’t that hard, but getting rid of pimples ones and for all is tougher – as these celebrities know all too well!

Cameron Diaz – Struggled with pimples for years!

Cameron Diaz acne

Jessica Simpson -Another famous person who’s been very open about her problems with spots

Jessica Simpson spots

Naya Rivera – The Glee star actually became a testimonial for Proactiv

Naya Rivera pimples

Julianne Hough – While she now has beautiful skin, she sued to have a constant struggle with acne

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Britney Spears – We came across some pictures of Britney with bad spots!


Adam Levine – Went from bad outbreaks to being a spokesman of an acne product

Adam Levine acne

Lorde – Famously posted a pic of herself with acne cream – very relatable Lorde!

Lorde skin problems

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